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Effective Information Technology depends not only on where you spend your money but on where you spend your energy. Atticus can help you focus that energy on the decisions that truly differentiate your business.


Information Technology's 80/20 Rule

80% of Information Technology is a Commodity - Every business needs reliable email, places to share files and collaborate, word processing and other desktop productivity applications, virus protection and effective security. Our approach is to standardize on well supported, best-in-class applications, and run them in a first class data center.

The other 20% is a bit more challenging - Our clients in the creative industry run Macintosh workstations with specialized applications to produce content and edit video. Healthcare clients need to interface with Medicare billing systems, track patient records and complying with HIPAA legislation. Our research clients use computers to manage scientific instruments and send data to other computers to have it analyzed. Whether it's an internally developed application, cross-platform issues or a technical or compliance issue unique to your industry, this is the where the true value of Information Technology can be found, and this is where we thrive.