A Little Bit Different

Atticus was founded ten years ago, and we knew from the beginning we were a little different. Our goal was pretty straightforward, to provide Enterprise-class IT services to small and mid-market business clients. It was how we did it that was unique.

Most of us worked in the IT departments for Fortune 500 companies so we designed our firm like an IT department--your IT department in fact. We'd handle all the technology issues our clients would need us to, computers, applications, networks, and telecommunications.

We charged only for our time and our expertise, never for products. We figure you can't serve more than one master and it's hard to have your clients best interest in mind if you make money on what they purchase. Too many of our competitors try to do both.

Ten Years Later

We started down this path nearly a decade ago and although the technology has changed a lot, we haven't. We're still your IT department.