Products & Services Overview

Atticus is a full service IT company providing hosted computing, consulting and support to our clients.

We act as the IT department for our clients, helping them identify, implement and maintain technology to improve their business. In some cases we host a client's IT in our data center, for others we manage systems at their location, and for some we do both. IT is a complex discipline, and every business's requirements are unique.

Atticus will tailor our services to your needs so you don't have to settle for anything less than a perfect fit.

Fortune 500 IT, Only Better

Yes, better. You get all the benefits of big company IT, group productivity, remote access, fault tolerance, and exceptional security. And you get something most Fortune 500 companies don't have….speed and flexibility. We have no bureaucracy or legacy systems to prevent you from adopting new technology quickly and easily. If it's good for your business, we'll validate the technology and make it happen.